Intaglio Printmaker Etching Press

This traditional style etching press has been popular with our customers for over 15 years and is available to view and / or test in our studio. This press has a large diameter handwheel that makes turning very easy and a 1/2 inch steel bed and solid rollers. Designed as an etching press the Intaglio Printmaker press is equally efficient for printing relief blocks and collagraphs, making it a versatile model for a range of printmaking applications.

(£522.00 VAT incl)
Price: £435.00

Fully welded stand designed with cross bars to enable a shelf to be fitted.

(£3,426.00 VAT incl)
Price: £2,855.00

Bed 20x40in precision ground 12in steel with safety stops at either end. Rollers Precision ground solid steel top roller diameter 4in. Mounted on self lubricating bearings. Handwheel 30 inch diameter for ease of movement fitted with brass key to shear off if overloaded. Pressure adjustment is made by easy grip toggle bars and the top roller can be raised to type height. Steel bed is supported on adjustable polyurethane rollers turning on a stainless steel cross shaft for near frictionless and lubrication free motion. Weight 180kg.

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