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Christmas Gifts: gifts for all

Christmas is getting closer and we are starting to get that festive feeling at Intaglio. The dusty decorations will be soon strapped to various parts of the shop fittings and the extremely mini Christmas tree will once again grace the shop floor. So with that being said, we thought we would give a small run down of gift ideas for expert and budding printmakers alike.

Printmaking Kits

These kits are an all-rounder. A kit for someone right at the beginning of their passion for printmaking. These kits come with a little bit of everything to get those printmaking juices flowing.

Relief Printing Kits
The Relief Printing Kit is ideal for any budding printmaker. This set includes everything you need to create your first print, from start to finish. It also comes with instructions included to help you on your way and everything fits into a lovely craft box. This set include: a set of Japanese Cutters, a Bamboo Baren, a Soft Rubber Roller, 3 types of surfaces for cutting into, Paper and a tube of ink. This kit is available with 3 types of ink: Traditional Ink (an oil based ink), Caligo Ink (an oil based but water washable ink) and Schmincke (a water-based ink).
Sets start at £43.20 – buy here

Drypoint Printing Kits
The Drypoint Kit is also a great starting point for anyone wanting to dabble in drypoint. For this kit you will need access to a press to be able to print the plates. This set includes: an Artenia Junior Drypoint 3mm tool, a plastic ink knife, a Squeegee, Plates for printing (plastic, paper and aluminium), Scrim, Gloves, Blotter, Paper and a tube of ink. All of this packed into a lovely craft with instructions. This kit is available with 2 types of ink: Traditional Ink (an oil based ink) and Caligo Ink (an oil based but water washable ink).
Sets are £30.00 – buy here

Matthieu Coulange Tools

These Matthieu Coulange Tools are exquisite hand-made tools used for etching and drypoint. Matthieu Coulange has been making printmaking tools since 2013, a craft that has been perfected in an innovative way. We are lucky to have a range of Ceramic Drypoints, Ceramic Scrapers and Carbide Drypoints. These tools come with a really handy magnetic cap, which flings itself right back onto the tool to keep it safe. We have a selection of absolutely unique tools as well as Tech-Line range, but once they are gone, they are gone!
Tools start at £31.20 – buy here


A Printmaker’s Cookbook: Images in Relief by Dianne Fogwell

This book originates from Dianne’s 40 year career as one of the most respected printmakers and artists’ book practitioner in Australia. With this publication, Dianne answers the questions most frequently asked by aspiring and established printmakers alike. This book breaks down Fogwell’s artworks into Ingredients and Methods in a fun take of a cookbook.
‘This is not so much a ‘how to do it book’, but a ‘how Fogwell did it book’. In other words, once you know how it was done, you can understand something of the complexity and sophistication of the print and proceed to enjoy some of its subtleties.’ Sasha Grishin.
This book is a great insight into different ways prints are built with inspiring techniques to dig your teeth into.
£49.95 – buy here

Linocut for Artists and Designers by Nick Morley

This book contains clear, step-by-step instructions to a series of projects that develop your techniques and ideas. It has detailed information on which tools to buy, where to find the best materials, and how to set up your working space. It also has over 300 illustrations and profiles of eight international linocut practitioners to provide insight and inspiration.
Whether you are printing by hand on your kitchen table or on a press in a print studio, this book gets you started and goes on to explore the myriad creative applications of linocut. It encourages you to experiment with different approaches to image making and explores new ways of thinking about how linocut can be used.
Nick Morely is a linocut artist whose prints are collected internationally. As well as illustrating for leading publishing houses, he regularly teaches workshops, curates exhibitions and writes articles and a blog on printmaking. He recently set up Hello Print Studio in Margate, England, a communal studio for artists and designers who want to make prints.
£19.99 – buy here

Gift for Kids

Essdee Block Printing Kit for Kids
It is never to early to fall in love with printmaking. We have a great kit from Essdee which allows kids to have fun and learn about relief printing without the need for sharp tools. This kit includes: 100ml block printing ink, ink roller, ink tray, pencil, 6 sheets of PrintFoam and instructions. Simply draw into the Printfoam and print, nice and easy.
£12.36 – buy here

Essdee Carve a Stamp Kit
Get carving and create your own stamp with this compact kit. This kit is for older kids as the Essdee Tools are quite sharp, however, some may even say grown-ups can have fun with this one. This kit includes: 1 x ink pad, a V shape fine tool, a V shape wide tool, a handle, 5 blank stamps, a leaflet with stamp design ideas and instructions. Just remember that if you a carving words, make sure you do it backwards!
£12.36 – buy here

So there is our little Christmas list. Of course these are just recommendations. We are sure that if you buy any other products from us, the receiver of your gift will be best pleased.