Handmade Prints


Handmade Prints by Anne Desmet and Jim Anderson

This book is a general guide to printmaking by hand. Comprehensive and innovative, this practical introduction ranges from potato prints to multi-colour linocuts; from collage to screen prints; from prints made with pipe cleaners and burger boxes to three-dimensional indented sculpture. The advantage of the techniques covered are that they do not require expensive equipment or much space, and are suitable for all age groups.

Easy to follow for the beginner, Handmade Prints also offers invaluable insights for the experienced printmaker. All the methods described require little specialised equipment and can be carried out at home on the kitchen table. They can be accomplished at many levels of expertise: in an artist’s professional practice; as a school or college activity; or by enthusiasts of all ages to make unusual, inventive artworks or to transform home decor.

Both authors are professional artist-printmakers whose work has won international acclaim. Anne Desmet is also the editor of Printmaking Today, the quarterly journal of international contemporary graphic art.

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