Intaglio Printmaking


Intaglio Printmaking by Mychael Barratt

Intaglio is the general name used to describe all printmaking processes where the artist incises or engraves the surface of a plate either directly with tools or indirectly with chemicals in order to pull a print from. Although the techniques that come under this category are labelled traditional they are also among the most popular and widely used techniques in contemporary printmaking. The direct methods include techniques such as drypoint, engraving and mezzotint and the indirect methods include etching and aquatint.

In this book, Mychael Barratt introduces the reader to both the direct and indirect techniques and shows examples of an international range of artists whose work will serve as inspiration. These artists include Norman Ackroyd, Chris Orr, Helen Fay, Barry Cottrell, Anita Klein, Martin Langford, Freya Payne, Trevor Price and Marcelle Hanselaar.

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