Wood Engraving and Linocutting


Wood Engraving and Linocutting by Anne Hayward

Wood engraving is a straightforward method of relief printing, whereby designs are drawn onto hardwood such as boxwood. Areas of the design that are to remain white are then cut below the surface. Ink is applied and the pressure is added and the paper is pressed. Linocutting is a similar relief printing method where cutting tools are used instead of gravers. Linocuts are usually bolder and more robust.

This book explains the distinctions between wood engraving and linocuts, and introduces the reader to the rich and varied effects that can be achieved in printmaking. The author leads us through the basics of printmaking with some fascinating historical examples, then explores how the technique has developed as a contemporary art form.

This books contains examples of wood engravings past and present, tools and techniques, designing for wood engraving, making prints and advice on setting up a studio.

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