Pressed Wool Felt is the topmost thick blanket that sits immediately under the roller and is the most hardwearing.

Woven Wool Flannel is a wider-weave ‘cushioning’ blanket that allows high pressure to be applied while protecting the paper and plate, particularly when aquatint is involved.

Superfine Wool Flannel is the ‘fronting’ or ‘catching’  blanket next to the paper and more tightly woven so that no impression is left on the print. It also ‘catches’ the size (glue) from the paper so during a large edition can get wet and will need to hang dry after use. Some printmakers swap for a more expensive Swanskin blanket which we supply in 2 thicknesses (‘best’ and ‘light’).

If just two blankets are used, then a Woven Wool Flannel and a Superfine Wool Flannel (or Swanskin) is a good combination.

We can make individual blankets or sets of 2 or 3 blankets for any press. Traditionally 3 blankets are used, and our sets include a Pressed Wool Felt, a Woven Wool Flannel and a Superfine Wool Flannel blanket. All are sold by the square inch though you can measure in centimetres too.

To enter the correct amount (number of square inches) on our website, measure the width and length bed of the press in inches and multiply. If measuring in centimetres, first divide both the width and length measurement by 2.54 to give the dimensions in inches, then multiply to give the number of square inches.

We ask that you include the bed size in the notes on your order so that our shop staff can double check the correct measurements! We measure twice and cut once…