Aquatint Screen Danish


*NEW AQUATINT SCREENS – Much darker and intense than previous screens*

80% density 60 my (res. 2400 / 175 lines)

Minimum density in the bright areas 0,04
Maximum density of the black in the opaque areas 3,9-4

These Aquatint screens, also known as Stochastic screens, are printed on a high-resolution imagesetter film (produced especially for the use of continuous tone positives with photopolymer films and/or Toyobo Photopolymer Plates KM73).  The screens produce deep blacks and delicate greys in the final print.

The Aquatint Screen Danish is a screen that has a dot pattern that is opaque. This pattern effectively simulates the random dot of a fine aquatint. Exposing the Aquatint Screen to a photosensitive plate will create an overall aquatint-like base.

Additional information

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230 x 320mm (A4+), 320 x 440mm (A3+), 440 x 610mm (A2+), 305 x 430mm, 325 x 480mm, 540 x 790mm, 800 x 1080mm, 700 x 1000mm