Caligo Relief Printing Kit

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The Caligo Relief Printing Kit is ideal for any budding printmaker. This set includes everything you need to create your first print, from start to finish. It also comes with instructions included to help you on your way and everything fits into a lovely kraft box.

This set include: a set of Japanese Cutters, a Plastic Baren, a 75mm Soft Rubber Roller, a Vinyl Block 10 x 15cm, a Softcut Block 10 x 15cm, a Lino Block 10 x 15cm, a 75ml Caligo Water Washable Relief Black Ink and 12 Sheets Hosho Paper 20 x 14cm.

The Caligo Ink is an oil based ink that can washed up with soap and water. This ink will take longer to dry than the water based ink but the print will be water resistant once dry.

Please note photo shows Bamboo Baren and not Plastic Baren included in the kit.

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Weight 800 g
Dimensions 240 × 170 × 60 mm