Charbonnel Etching Ink Black 71303


Charbonnel Black 71303 is very thick and takes time with wiping. This ink is a cold densely pigmented black ideal for mezzotints, aquatints and finely worked plates.

The Charbonnel Etching inks are an oil-based ink that prides itself on meeting the quality and expectations of their customers. The well-balanced range of shades are opaque, easy to wipe and lightfast, to ensure the lasting quality of the work. These inks contain no additives such as dryers and wax and through the use of linseed oil as the binder, these colours are powerful and extremely resistant to ageing.

If the ink is out of stock please contact us and we will be able to order it in. This usually takes a week to get back into stock.

Please note colours may differ slightly from the image shown

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