Collecting Original Prints


Collecting Original Prints by Rosemary Simmons

This accessible and useful book is an invaluable guide for all those interested in printmaking – covering various useful aspects from obtaining an understanding of different prints to buying for investment. Collecting artists’ original prints is an immensely rewarding experience. You can collect for pleasure, investment or decoration, and it is a flexible interest that be accommodated by most budgets. It is also an international phenomenon as prints are the most easily transported works of art.

In this book, Rosemary Simmons steers the reader through the minefield of printmaking terminology so that you can truly enjoy and appreciate this democratic form of art. She explains in detail how to collect, what constitutes an original print, how to spot copies, different types of print (from traditional pieces to digital techniques), information on buying and selling your art, copyrights, framing and conservation.

Rosemary Simmons is a well-known printmaker and the retired founder and editor of Printmaking Today.

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