Cranfield Traditional Letterpress Ink Midnight Black

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This is a range of interesting subtly toned blacks designed to give nuanced printed results. Their simple, traditional formulation of pigments, finely ground in linseed oil, is designed with optimum viscosity to avoid ‘ink squash’, yet achieve good paper penetration resulting in a smooth and rich print.

Letterpress printers no longer have to doctor inks intended for other uses, such as lithography or etching. These inks are specifically dedicated and tailor-made for wood engraving and all types of letterpress printing.

Plum Black – Black with a hint of deep blue. A cool, dense blue shade black. Made with a hint of intense Victoria Blue, PB 62. Semi Opaque

This ink is only available in 75ml

Please note colours may differ slightly from the image shown

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Weight 120 g
Dimensions 130 × 50 × 120 mm