Speedball Professional Relief Ink Limited Edition Hoppin’ Holland Blue

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Speedball Professional Relief Inks are a line of artist-quality relief inks that are a water-miscible, oil-based printmaking ink. They are high quality, contain lightfast pigments and have no fillers. The results are rich, intense and crisp prints with the archival qualities that artists demand. The ink is formulated with the working properties that an artists desire. Inks roll-out consistently, transfer beautifully, and hold even the finest details. These professional-grade inks all carry the AP Seal and can be cleaned up easily with soapy water or traditional window cleaner.

The Speedball Professional Relief Supergraphic Black was created by world-renowned relief artist, Bill Fick.

This ink is only available in 236ml

Please note colours may differ slightly from the image shown

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Weight 350 g
Dimensions 80 × 80 × 350 mm