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Intaglio Printmaker Prize Winner: Julie Belle Bishop

Continuing our prize winner round up of this season, Intaglio Printmaker are pleased to announce that Julie Belle Bishop was the winner of our prize at this year’s Woolwich Contemporary Print Fair. The team at Intaglio loved Julie’s work for it’s ethereal quality and curious subject matter. Read on to learn more about the story behind the print and what inspires Julie’s artistic practice.

'Grounded | Handsfree' by Julie Belle Bishop

Grounded | Handsfree
Etching, Aquatint
Edition of 25
43.25 x 33cm

Behind the Print

Statement about Grounded | Handsfree

‘We are made of stardust, and rightly we have a fascination with space travel: how far into the universe can we go? What is out there? This idea excites me, and yet this idea seems profoundly ironic. 

Our modern-day lives often prevent us from touching the planet that we’re already on. We can go for weeks, even longer, without ever making contact with our own planet. We are protected by buildings, vehicles, sidewalks, shoes, and socks. At the same time, we are pushing the limits of human ingenuity to leave this planet and travel into space. What happens when we get there? 

We cannot touch anything. The “Grounded” series represents this tension of striving to leave a planet that we seldom touch, whilst travelling to a place that we can never touch.

Grounded | Airtight 
Etching, Aquatint 
Edition of 25
55.75 x 40cm

julie Belle Bishop - About the artist

Reconciliation and compassion are at the heart of Julie Belle’s practice. Using music, printmaking, sculpture, and photography, Julie facilitates reconciliation between subjects that are often positioned in opposition to one another—science and religion, data and myth, memory and proof, academia and the mystical. In doing so, Julie searches for new ways to recognize the hidden overlap between these subjects, and seeks to place these opposing forces into conversation. Julie is a singer/songwriter and music producer, and splits studio time between music and visual art practices.

Congratulations on your win, Julie. We look forward to seeing what works you continue to create.

For more information on Julie Belle Bishop’s work, please visit:

Instagram: @juliethebelle