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Intaglio Printmaker Prize Winner: Sunnu Rebecca Choi

The winner of our prize at this years ‘Small But Mighty’ exhibition at the Bankside Gallery, is Sunnu Rebecca Choi with her gorgeous print ‘In Between 2’. The team at Intaglio Printmaker loved the nostalgic quality and illustrative narrative of her beautiful work, combined with the technical skill of etching, aquatint and chine colle.

'In Between 2' by Sunnu Rebecca Choi

In Between 2
Etching, Aquatint & Chine Colle
Edition of 15
40 x 34cm
£375 framed
£325 unframed 

Behind the Print

The inspiration for the project ‘In Between’ came from my personal experience living as a 1.5-generation immigrant. Relocating from South Korea to Canada at the age of 14, she has navigated life across four countries and eight cities. I’ve always wrestled with the complexities of my in-between identity; I embarked on searching for a home and a sense of belonging. Through ‘In Between,’ I encapsulated the emotions of immigrants and the intricacies of in-between identity. Overall, the work is made to embrace and celebrate the uniqueness of in-between identities and ultimately to promote diversity and multiculturalism.

Sunnu Rebecca Choi - About the artist

Sunnu Rebecca Choi is an award-winning Korean/Canadian illustrator & printmaker based in London. She received a BFA in fashion design at Parsons School of Design in New York and an MA in illustration at Kingston University in London. She specialises in visual narratives, including editorial illustrations and illustrations for diverse age groups, from children to adults. Her work has won or been shortlisted for numerous international illustration awards. Additionally, her work has been selected for display in various galleries, including the Royal Academy of Art Summer Exhibition and The Royal Society of Painter-Printmakers Exhibition.

A big congratulations to Sunnu Rebecca. We look forward to seeing what works you continue to create.

For more information on Sunnu Rebecca Choi’s work, please visit:

Instagram: @by_sunnu