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Intaglio Printmaker Prize Winner: No’one

Intaglio Printmaker are pleased to announce that No’one is the winner of this year’s prize at the Festival of Print, held by East London Printmakers – a wonderful annual exhibtion held at the Mile End Art Pavillion, brimming with works by many talented printmaking artists. In particular, the team at Intaglio were struck (no pun intended!) by No’one’s excitingly bold and impressive 2 layer linocut print, ‘Lampo’. 

'Lampo' by No'one

2 Layer Linocut Print
Edition of 33
Printed on Fabriano Rosaspina Ivory 220 gsm
90 x 39.5 cm

Behind the Print

“Lampo” is part of a series of four linocuts called “Elementi”, which is the Italian word for “Elements”.

While the whole of humanity was being locked inside a bubble, the series was conceived as a way to reconnect with the outer world. Each of the four images has been drawn and carved each time in a different style but with the same impetus and energetic movements necessary to express the power of Nature at its maximum strenght. It is before such happenings that we pause and meditate on the invisible forces that surround us and on the role of humanity on planet Earth

No'one - About the artist

No’one’s work is an intimate collection of stories, a visual diary whose aim is to bring the viewer on a journey between waking life and unconscious mind.

No’one mainly works with linocut and, being self-taught, finds great pleasure in experimenting with the most diverse styles.

Nervous marks and dark atmospheres by night, fluid lines and playful colour combinations by day, the unifying element is movement, the engine of a tireless traveller who enjoys the voyage as much as the destination.

Congratulations on your win, No’one! We do look forward to seeing what incredible works you create next.

For more information on No’one’s work, please visit:

Instagram: @nooneisdrawing