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New Canaletto Velino Paper: what is good for?

We have some exciting new paper in stock, to fill a little gap in our printmaking paper room… Introducing Canaletto Velino. This new paper is perfect for Relief Printing by hand, using one of our barens. It can also be used for Monoprinting. We would consider this an alternative to the Zerkall, which we miss greatly.

The surface is lovely and smooth, and the light weight of 125g allows for fine details to be picked up. Canaletto has a very slight creamy colour, giving the paper a hint of warmth. The paper is 20% cotton, acid free and calcium carbonate buffered, this is when calcium carbonate is added to paper pulp during the paper making process to raises the pH level of the paper.

Canaletto Velino is currently available in packs of 25, 50 and 100 and are sized 35 x 50cm. This paper is perfect for printing in volumes, without breaking the bank.

  • relief hand printing
  • monoprinting
  • lightweight 125g
  • smooth surface
  • acid free
  • 20% cotton
  • 35 x 50cm

When we are scouting around for new papers, ink, tools or equipment, we always like to try them out before we put them on our shelves. We tested the paper out with Caligo Safe Wash Relief Ink Black with a lino block and Intaglio Printmaker Litho/Relief Ink in Permanent Red when monoprinting.


Canaletto Velino printed with Lino and Caligo Relief Ink Black

Canaletto Velino Monoprint printed with Intaglio Printmaker Litho/Relief Ink in Permanent Red and oil pastel

Canaletto is now available online and in our shop