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Intaglio Printmaker Prize Winner: Georgia Green

We are pleased to announce that Georgia Green is the recipient of our materials award for her beautiful print ‘Kettles Yard’ in this years Derby Print Open. 

'Kettle's Yard' by georgia green

Kettle’s Yard
CMYK halftone screen print
420mm x 594mm

Behind the Print

This print was designed in response to a beautiful house in Cambridge called Kettle’s Yard. The house is open to the public for free, and I would recommend anyone who finds themselves in the city to visit. The edition is part of a larger series of gentle, softly colourful CMYK silkscreens produced during my time as an artist in residence at East London Printmakers. 

Georgia Green - About the artist

Since graduating with a BA in Fine Art: Painting and Printmaking from Glasgow School of Art in 2018 Georgia has championed and taught sustainable forms of contemporary printmaking and mural-making. Highlights from her practice over the past twelve months include exhibiting a solo-show of large, transient transfer-print frescoes in collaboration with Outpost Gallery as their artist in residence in East Anglia, and winning the East London Printmakers’ Studio Bursary Award for talented emerging artists.

As a printmaker and muralist Georgia uses her art to unravel the interiors she moves through and lives within. She dissolves and dramatises everyday rooms and corridors, questioning notions of intimacy, belonging and confinement within her practice. The gentle, familiar appeal of domesticity softens as though absorbed by time or disaster, like the brightly chipped frescoes guarding the walls of Herculaneum and Pompeii. Within these scenes memory exists as colour alone, illuminated by the chimerical tangle of curiosity and longing that prompts each artwork.

Georgia champions sustainable duplication processes such as silkscreen and risography, a mechanised form of stencil printing which uses vastly less CO2 than its digital counterparts. While she primarily uses contemporary mediums of reproduction within her practice, Georgia’s knowledge of traditional printmaking strongly informs her mark-making processes. With each new edition she generates an organic and intuitive creative dialogue, designed to challenge the stereotypical view of risography and silkscreen as ‘pop’ and ‘kitsch’ mediums. Through this exchange she highlights the subtle possibilities of colour and texture that can be achieved using sustainable water-based or soya-based inks, bridging the divide between fine art duplication and more accessible printmaking mediums. 

Georgia’s editions have been selected for renowned exhibitions such as the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition and Woolwich Contemporary Print Fair

Congratulations to Georgia, we look forward to seeing what works you continue to create.

For more information on Georgia’s work, please visit:

Instagram: @georgiagreenart