Polyester Litho Plates


Polyester Litho Plates are a perfect mix of ancient and modern technology and one of the most environmentally friendly printmaking techniques. They were first developed in India as inexpensive offset lithographs. The plates are thin, like card, but made entirely of polyester and with a textured surface. They are non-porous and water-loving.

As an introduction to printmaking Polyester Litho Plates are excellent for schools as no chemicals are required, just water and a marker pen, litho/relief ink, a roller and some paper to print on, and results can be accomplished within the time-frame of a normal lesson! What is really nice is that they can be re-worked after the first prints are taken.

The process could not be simpler: first, draw on the plate using marker pens or biro. Wearing Nitrile gloves helps keep the plate clean during this process. Then wet the plate using a sponge and water. Now ink the plate using lithographic or relief ink with a roller. The ink only sticks to the marks made by the pens, as the water on the clean white areas repels the ink completely. A print is taken by using a press, or by applying pressure to the back of the plate using a spoon. If the print is a bit light, jut wet the plate and ink up again!

There is no need for processing solutions, all you need is a marker pen or biro, and water. And to clean up, normal vegetable oil will do the job, or else use our Zest-it cleaner instead.


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