Relief Printing Vinyl


The Relief Printing Vinyl is a soft Japanese block especially designed for relief printing. The block is double sided, with one side green and the other blue, which allows both sides to be carved. The inner vinyl is a darker colour, making carved areas easily visible. The Relief Printing Vinyl has an excellent smooth cutting surface and is a popular choice with beginner and experts.

The Relief Printing Vinyl can be carved into using any of our relief printing tools to create an image. Relief ink can then be applied to the surface using a roller and the inked image can be transferred onto paper using a press or by hand, with a baren.

This Vinyl has a 3mm depth.

All packs come with 10 sheets within.

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100 x 150mm, 150 x 200mm, 200 x 300mm, 300 x 400mm


each, pack of 10