Ternes Burton Registration Pins


Sold as pair.

Ternes Burton Register Pins are precision machined buttons spot welded to a stainless steel base. They are commonly used to align layers of paper while printmaking using linoleum or wood blocks. These pins enable tight registration on complicated multi colour projects. The register pins work with either the stripping tabs, or can be inserted directly through the holes made by a punch. The button height depends upon the number of layers, as well as the thickness of layers being attached to the pin.

Ternes Burton Registration Pins round raised button has a diameter of 6.3mm or 1/4 of an inch and has three heights available in metal, and one height in re-useable plastic (cheaper and great for schools and college use).

1.40mm (0.055″)
2.16mm (0.085″)
3.05mm (0.120″)

To use the pins and tabs, start by securing the pins onto a piece of board using parcel tape, making sure to depress the tape into the holes. Then, position your lino onto the board using double-sided tape and determine the position for your paper on top of the lino. Once you have your paper position worked out, clip two plastic stripping tabs (sold separately) over the pins and fix them onto the top of your paper using masking tape. Repeat this process for each piece of paper in your edition. Thanks to the pins and tabs, you can slip your paper onto the pins each time you make a print, ensuring it stays in the same position every time. Achieving tight registration and accurate alignment for lino reductions and other block printing projects has never been easier.
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2.16mm (0.085"), 3.05mm (0.120"), 1.4mm (0.055")