Aquatint Screen Danish

*NEW AQUATINT SCREENS – Much darker and intense than previous screens*

80% density 60 my (res. 2400 / 175 lines)

Minimum density in the bright areas 0,04
Maximum density of the black in the opaque areas 3,9-4

These Aquatint screens, also known as Stochastic screens, are printed on a high-resolution imagesetter film (produced especially for the use of continuous tone positives with photopolymer films and/or Toyobo Photopolymer Plates KM73).  The screens produce deep blacks and delicate greys in the final print.

The Aquatint Screen Danish is a screen that has a dot pattern that is opaque. This pattern effectively simulates the random dot of a fine aquatint. Exposing the Aquatint Screen to a photosensitive plate will create an overall aquatint-like base.

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Data Sheets

3M-Photo-Mount-MSDSDownload 3M-Spray-Mount-MSDSDownload Akua-Intaglio-Ink-Release-Agent-Extender-MSDSDownload Akua-Kolor-Liquid-Pigment-Intaglio-Extender-MSDSDownload Akua-Kolor-Liquid-Pigment-Blending-Medium-MSDSDownload Akua-Kolor-Liquid-Pigment-MSDSDownload Akua-Kolor-Liquid-Pigment-Retarder-MSDSDownload Ammonia MSDSDownload Anti Skinning Spray MSDSDownload Atzol MSDSDownload BIG MSDS page 1Download BIG MSDS page 2Download Brasso MSDSDownload Brunswick Black MSDSDownload Button Polish…

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Lascaux Tusche Lift Solution

The Lascaux Tusche Lift Solution is for use in acrylic resist etching in conjunction with Lascaux Aquatint resist. It can also be used to make autographic positives for light sensitive printmaking processes in conjunction with Lascaux Tusche wash/spray. The method is similar to sugar-lift in traditional etching, and the marks made with Lascaux Tusche Lift Solution resembles classic sugar-lift marks. Lascaux Lift Solution can be cleaned from brushes, tools, bowls and surfaces with warm soapy water. The Lascaux range are water soluble painting materials that create positives for light-sensitive printmaking processes. This range can be used in screen printing, acrylic resist etching, solar plate printing and traditional printmaking methods. Shake well before use. Contains marbles.

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