Awagami Kozo Natural Select

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430 x 520mm – 46g

This paper is crafted from long-fibered kozo making it an exceptionally strong yet still pliable. Kozo Natural Selects suppleness makes it suitable for a wide variety of applications, including intaglio, relief, bookbinding and art restoration. This paper is made of 80% kozo and 20% alpha cellulose, and is unsized.

Awagami Editioning Papers are crafted at the Awagami Mill wit the artistry and knowledge of 300 years of washi paper making. The papers are made using traditional Japanese fibers such as kozo and gampi as well as other non-tree fibres such as bamboo and cotton. Fibres are often skilfully combined yielding washi with highly unique textures and expressive characteristics. All washi in this collection features 4 feathery deckled edges that add a subtle refinement to finished works.

The Awagami Editioning Papers are acid free, archival and made with strict attention to quality and preservation. All the papers from this series may be used by artists for a wide range of techniques from ink to printmaking to drawing.

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Weight 50 g
Dimensions 520 × 420 × 50 mm