Relief Letterpress RP – 20

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Technical data:

Maximum Print Format 21x30cm
Maximum height of the printing form (characters, woodcut, linocut) 2,5cm
Total length of the press 45cm
Overall width of the press 30 cm
Total height of the press 15cm
Diameter of the rubber coated roller 4cm
Weight of the press 25 kg
Dimensions of the press with standard packaging 61x46x31cm
Weight of the press in standard packaging 30 kg

Can be used for linocuts and woodcuts, but best used with letterpress type. This press is built with a standard pressure height of 25 mm. Small height differences due to other letter heights can be compensated by underfilling with paper. For larger differences, the supplied 1.25 mm thick steel shim should be used. A clamping bar is supplied for retaining the type, which can be clamped between the side surfaces of the printing plate. After mounting the letter material and inking, the paper can be secured in the paper clamp. The roller is always moved in a direction away from the paper clamp over the type. Due to the rubber coating of the pressure roller, small irregularities in the type do not cause problems. The steel pressure table is planed perfectly flat on the top so that the type remains flat under any pressure. The roller moves in a straight line over the printing table. Any play in the straight guide, which could develop over the years, can be eliminated by means of special adjusting screws.

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Additional information

Weight 800000 g
Dimensions 4000 × 4000 × 800000 mm