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Intaglio Printmaker Prize Winner: Ali Yanya

Intaglio Printmaker had the honour of gifting another well-earned prize at this year’s International Original Print Exhibtion at the Bankside Gallery. We were completely taken with Ali Yanya’s beautiful and striking mezzotint print ‘Tent’. 

'Tent' by Ali Yanya

Mezzotint print
330mm x 350mm
£125 unframed
£225 framed

Behind the Print

‘Tent’ is a mezzotint print, edition of 20. 

About his print, Ali says; ‘Mezzotint has a unique place among all the other printmaking techniques and processes when it comes to expressing the unexplainable. 

The rich velvety blacks, endless subtle greys and striking whites suddenly comes to life with the hint of a suitable subject matter.

In this instance, it was a tent at night to speak for itself.’

Ali Yanya - About the artist

Ali Yanya ARE is a painter and printmaker born in Istanbul. He lives and works in London teaching printmaking at Morley College. Yanya studied Fine Art at Marmara University in Istanbul in 1980-84 and then printmaking at the Royal College of Art, London in 1988-1990.

Yanya’s work is in the print collections of the British Museum, Clifford Chance International Law Firm, Turkish Graphic Museum, BP Turkey and Ashmolean Museum.

About his work, Yanya says “It is a continuous exploration of man and his relationship with his surroundings, history & politics”. 


Congratulations to Ali! we look forward to seeing what works you continue to create.

For more information on Ali’s work, please visit:

Instagram: @ali.yanya